The broad theme of the school is Algorithms. Algorithm Design is an important topic in the study of Computer Science and Information Technology. Every student of a degree program in any Computer Science related stream does a basic course in Algorithm Design and Analysis. The summer school expects to introduce advanced topics in Algorithm Design. It is expected that there will be 1-2 introductory talks in every chosen topic. Some specific topics that can be covered are listed below.

Approximation Algorithms

Brief description: We will give an introduction to Approximation Algorithms. The objective here is to design and analyse efficient algorithms that may not be optimum, but are very close to the optimum solution. The challenge is to design algorithms that give solutions which are close to the optimum, without knowing the optimum solution. The school will focus on the techniques used in design and analysis of approximation algorithms. We will discuss the approximation algorithms for few problems as examples.

Parameterised Complexity

Brief description: The aim of the lectures is to give a brief introduction to the field of Parameterised Algorithms and Complexity. This relatively young area was introduced primarily as a means to tackle NP-hard problems. The key idea is to identify the different "parameters" of a problem instance and to study the complexity of the problem as a function of this parameter. Thus the problems that admit algorithms that run in time polynomial in the input size while exponential only in the parameter are said to be Fixed Parameter Tractable (FPT). We will discuss some basic algorithmic design techniques for FPT algorithms with examples.

Date: 12th July - 16thJuly, 2021
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