Session 1 (10 - 11.30 AM) Session 2 (2.30 - 4 PM)
12th July, Monday Approximation Algorithms I
V N Muralidhara
Exact Exponential Algorithms
Pradeesha Ashok
13th July, Tuesday Parameterised Algorithms
Pradeesha Ashok
Approximation Algorithms II
V N Muralidhara
14th July, Wednesday Online Algorithms
Arindam Khan
Parameterized Approximation Algorithms
Saket Saurabh
15th July, Thursday Stable Matchings
Meghana Nasre
Parameterized Streaming Algorithms
Saket Saurabh
16th July, Friday Stable Matchings
Meghana Nasre
Dynamic Algorithms
Manoj Gupta
Abstract of the talks can be found Here
Date: 12th July - 16thJuly, 2021
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